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    Can we use the view MGMT$PR_APPL_PATCHES_TO_OH_TGT to check Patch Levels without having Lifecycle Management Pack ?

    Sean Walters

      In OEM 11g it was trivial to see the overall patch levels for all ORACLE_HOME's on a single screen.


      In 12c and 13c this is no longer possible ( as far as I am aware)  and Oracle have a note showing how to do this using a query against the OEM repository.

           see  EM 13c, 12c: How to List the Patch Levels for Databases Monitored by Enterprise Manager Cloud Control with a SQL Query on the Repository Database? (Doc ID 2074168.1)


      The query runs against the MGMT$PR_APPL_PATCHES_TO_OH_TGT view however use of this this view requires the Lifecycle Management Pack according to

           Oracle Enterprise Manager Licensing Information User Manual 12c Release 5 ( E24474-39


      Can Oracle confirm if it is OK to run the SQL identified in the note without this pack ?

      If not, I suggest Oracle update the note to detail this should only be used if you have the pack.