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    Is the hamburger menu working properly?


      The hamburger menu doesn't display more than three levels and won't show forums in the developer community. Please see below picture. When choosing Performance & Availability, for example, the menu reveals an arrow but does not display the content, such as the RMAN or ASM forum. Participation in many forums that used to be busy in the past has almost come to a halt. Well, it does not surprise me because the menu does not help to find anything.



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          I expect that the arrow indicates the "end level" of the hamburger menu and if you choose it you jump to particular community.

          The developer hangout has no 3rd menu-level, it's the pointer to the community.


          or here only 1 level in the menu


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            Well, arrow or not, it's useless, if the menu does not show what is available. If someone looks for the RMAN or ASM forum, for example, why should anyone guess that it could be under Performance & Availability when it is not displayed? Who designs the user interface? The purpose of a graphical user interface is not to hide options, but to show what is available.

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              In simple terms, anything that isn't shown does not exist. You cannot expect people to second guess menu options. If the menu cannot be done to show what is available, better get rid of it in order not to misguide people and let them discover more reasonable options to locate a forum.