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    OBIEE Forbidden characters

    Shawn Lafferty-Oracle

      We have a few analysis that contain EVALUATE_SCRIPT formulas that reference .xml files that are located within our OBIEE catalog (for example: EVALUATE_SCRIPT('filerepo://../../../../service_instances/ssi/metadata/content/catalog/root/shared/obiee%2eProj%2exml). These worked perfectly in and, but when the same analysis are run in OBIEE (fresh install not upgrade), we get the error message "Code: 46205. [nQSError: 46205] XSA name contains one or more forbidden characters: '?*% (HY000)". When I try to replace the HTML sequence (%2e) with a period(.), I receive "[nQSError: 46175] Failed to download data from XSA Server: HTTP Error Code: 500. Invalid URL: http://servername:9505/datasetsvc. (HY000)"

      I also updated the NQSCONFIG.INI file and set the EVALUATE_SUPPORT_LEVEL = 2


      Has anyone seen this error?