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    bank transfer


      hi.  how are you? i have an issue related to r12 module cash management activity bank account transfer.


      Reporting Currency : PKR

      Entry Currency : USD


      Scenario: i have to Transfer $1000 (exchange rate is 100PKR per Dollar)from one bank account to another bank account. One bank account deals in PKR and 2nd bank account deals in Dollars. when i enter all data i.e: date , amount , source and destination bank account, there is an mandatory field called "Currency" in which i can only give one Currency either Dollar or PKR.

      Problem is if i choose PKR as a currency and make transfer of $1000 then it will put effect in both bank ledger with the amount of 1000 without considering Currency. In this case my Dollar's bank account will take correct impact automatically because i instructed to take impact of 1000 and closing balance on that date will be correct but my bank which deals in PKR currency will take wrong impact because it will take impact of 1000 instead of 100,000 pkr ($1000* 100)= 100,000 PKR.

      i also noted that while making bank account  transfer there is no option to enter Exchange rate. Is there any solution that i can get correct balances of both bank ledgers when i enter single transfer?