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    How to Map Oracle GL Account Numbers to Group Account Numbers in OBIA

    Chandranshu Bhardwaj

      Hello Peeps..!!


      I have installed and configured bi apps ( version). After doing all the necessary step, I generated the domain plan and load plan and then executed them one by one successfully. When I am checking in the GL Ledger reports, I am not getting data because in the data warehouse in  "W_GL_ACCOUNT_D"."GROUP_ACCOUNT_NO" , I am getting only 2 group account number (i.e. "OTHERS"  &  "_Not_Applicable_"). When searched, I found that the file_group_acct_codes_ora.csv file needs to copy from <Oracle Home for BI>\biapps\etl\data_files\src_files\<source_adopter> to the location from which ODI reads these files.


      I am new for ODI and not able to configure ODI connections to read this file from this location. Could someone please help me in configuring ODI connection to read this file from any location?


      Thank you in Advance



      Chandranshu Bhardwaj