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    Creating a listener for manual contact updates


      Hi collective Eloqua super-brains,


      Is it possible to build a listener for contacts who are updated manually?


      Sometimes contacts get updated manually in Eloqua as users might see ad-hoc improvements to the data quality. Unfortunately when this happens there is no way to direct these contacts into the various update programs we have running for CDOs and 3rd party systems that would normally trigger should a contact's detail change in a form, for example.


      The upshot of this is that one of the 3rd parties or the CRM will write back the old data over the change as we haven't been able to inform it about the update. This can cause confusion in our users.


      I see there is a 'last modified' field when you look at a contact record, but this is not available for segmentation.


      I have been trying to find a solution to this for a while but without success.


      Any suggestions gratefully received!