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    Position data Update changes the Standard hours of incumbents




      We are in 9.2.25 with tools version of 8.56.07


      Right now when we are adding a new row in Postion Data and change the Jobcode with reason as UPD, the STD_HOURS of the incumbents attached is getting updated to whatever std_hours is there in JOb code.The client requirement is that Job data should get updated with Salary Plan and Grade however, should not update their std_hours.To meet the first part we are checking the flag, Include Salary Plan/Grade and Update incumbents.


      However it seems for the std_hours we might need to do some customizations. I have found one function copy_job in FUNCLIB_HR.UPdate_incumbents.field formula where this code needs to be modified. BUt that alone is not helping us. Has anyone else had this requirement, can you please let me know - Is there any other place where we might need to make modifications?


      Any help here is appreciated.


      Thanks, Pooja.