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    Upgrade 18.1 to 18.2 - where are subversion connections?


      This must have been answered already, but it seems that I have the following challenges with 18.2.


      My 32bit 18.2:

      and my 64bit 18.2

      - the subversion connections window 'versions' is no more there, and can't find it anywhere. Could it be in the View dropdown?

      - the export of subversion connections from 32 bit 18.1. succeeds, but doesn't automatically set the filename tla extension, should it be e.g. .xml

      - but import to 64 bit 18.2 doesn't enable 'ok' nor does it show the connection names to be imported


      Is it so that I got bitten by the java version?


      In any case what is the shortest path to fix this, so I get rolling with my subversion repositories?


      rgrds Paavo