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    Prevent changing between Master Records when there are unsaved changes in the detail IG

    Nikhil Reddy A

      Hello Experts out here ,


      Is there a way to prevent user from navigating to one master record to the other when

      there are changes still left  unsaved in the Child Interactive grid.


      For Example:

      1. Consider a Master IG and then a detail IG

      2. Now the user enters edit mode and selects a particular record from te Master

      3. The Child Grid is loaded with data according to the masters record selection

      4. User enters Child grid and performs some data modification but will not perform the Save operation

      5.  With out saving the Child IG user selects another record from the Master IG


      In the above mentioned scenario I would like to have a declarative way to prevent the step 5 and prompting to the user that

      he should save the Child Grid before switching record in the Master IG


      does APEX 18.1 already supports this or is there any simple work around?


      Thanks for you help

      Best Regards