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    Interactive Report / Import BUG?


      I'm using apex 5.1 and universal theme.


      I have an application in workspace that I export and I used that script to create another application in another workspace.


      Original app parsing schema = UserA and the new application created in another workspace = UserB.


      I verified that the parsing schema in the newly created app = UserB.


      I run the app and the page is returning data from the original app UserA.


      If I make a manual change to the IR and save the page it refreshes and now display the data from the parsing schema = UserB.


      Below is the newly created app (UserB = SM_APEXBED1)

      Below is the output of IR (Last column = ROWID and data is from original export file parsing schema = UserA)



      Data of UserB from sqldeveloper, rowid is different from the IR above that is why if I go to the link row I get the error below, thanks