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    Eloqua Analyser Access

    Gopakumar Nandhakumar



      How to add  BI Roles to Analyser user in Eloqua and what are the roles available in Eloqua for OBIEE Access




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          Analyzers can create and share objects, such as folders, analyses, and dashboards to the Company Shared folder. This shared folder is visible to your organization's Insight users. When an analyzer saves an object to the shared folder, it inherits the permissions of that folder. Analyzers can change the permissions for objects they own so that they can restrict access based on responsibilities.


          Insight permissions and roles control what you can see and access in Insight. Analyzers can use permissions to control access to analyses or folders in the Company Shared folder. This can be useful if there are analyses or dashboards that should be restricted to a group of users.

          Insight permissions allow you to perform specific actions, such as creating an analysis or running a report. Permissions are grouped into the following sets:

          • Full Control: Includes all permissions (but is limited by Reporter and Analyzer roles)
          • Modify: Permissions to read, write, and delete
          • Open: Permissions to read, traverse, run
          • Traverse: Permissions to browse a folder
          • No Access: No permission to access the object

          Roles group related permissions together. There are two Insight roles that you should be aware of:

          • BI Consumer: The reporter role enabling reporters to view and run reports.
          • BI Author: The analyzer role enabling analyzers to create analyses and dashboards for reporters.


          You can see the entire documentation Atl the link below:


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