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    Installing Oracle APEX issue


      Hello All,


      So I started installing Oracle Database 12c ( along with Oracle APEX (5.1), to get a sense of how these two connect to each other, since i'm new to all this. However, after finishing with the DB installation, i ran into this obstacle with APEX when running the @apexins.sql file (taken from https://docs.oracle.com/database/apex-18.1/HTMIG/downloading-and-installing-Oracle-AE.htm#HTMIG29342):

      I checked to make sure i'm on the right container (pdb) and not on root, that the pdb is in read/write mode, also made sure that the tablespaces are there in the right container (i created my own, instead of using SYSAUX like in the example).


      Please advise on how to get past this error. Thank you!