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    Determining Longest Path in Resource Leveled Projects


      I have a resource leveled schedule for a heavy civil highway project.  I cannot get the schedule to show me a longest path (or multiple paths) with red bars.  Our contract says that the critical has to be longest path.  This schedule has multiple calendars restricting certain work activities as either 1.) explicitly directed by the specifications or 2.) by anticipated weather/work days.  Therefore, not only is using critical path as “Total Float = 0d or less” (or any other specified # of days for TF) not permitted by the specs, but having the different calendars also creates larger Total Float durations which do not show the true critical activities given that the activities on the longest path may actually have a TF duration as much as 120 days (asphalt activities restricted from Dec. 1st thru April 1st).  Long story short...  is there a way to show multiple paths (float paths/orders) in a resource leveled project? 


      I entered the resources as personnel resources.  And I only entered them as crews to keep it general.  Therefore, I have the following personnel resources:  Grading Crew, Base & Paving Crew, Utilities Crew, Asphalt Crew, Concrete Flatwork Crew and Structures Crew.


      I built the 2,400 activity schedule without any preferential or soft logic.  The reason behind this is because I wanted to look at what the completion date of the project would be if I were to have unlimited resources.  This showed my schedule (which is a 3 year project) as being completed in 6 months based solely on relationship logic (no preferential/soft logic).  Then I set each of the resource "Max Units/Time" equal to 1 shift (10 hrs/day) for each of the resource crews and leveled the project by Total Float.  This stretched my completion date out 4 years past the mandatory finish.  From there I began increasing the "Max Units/Time" to determine the optimal number of crews needed in order to complete the project within the contract time.   Once I determined the number or crews (or resources) needed I then began to analyze the critical (longest) path.  Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to show the longest path, much less red bars. 


      Please help!