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    Toolbar button disabled in Interactive Grid



      I have a region with an Master Detail IG with a toolbar button named "Add Comment"

      For one of the users accessing this application this button is grayed out (disabled).


      No Server-side condition or security is enabled... the users access is based on SSO and there is no difference between it and other users in the application.


      Yet, only this user has this button disabled.


      I have tried to find the cause for days but running out of ideas Anyone could help me where else should I look in to?




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          Jeremy Webb

          Hi Pawel,


          You could check the advance javascript code for the IG to see if there is anything in there which could impact when the button is shown.

          Additionally, is there any CSS which causes the button to be greyed out under certain conditions.

          Are there any dynamic actions, or other javascript, which could cause the button to be greyed out?





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            How would I go about checking the JS of the button? It's not an additional button placed within the IG - but the built-in kind in the Attributes > Toolbar > Show: Yes, Buttons: Reset (ticked) Save (unticked) Add Button Label: "Add Comment".


            In the Advanced section I only have code to display a tooltip:


            function(config) {

                config.defaultGridViewOptions = {

                    tooltip: {

                        // when the tooltip is integrated with the grid view the content callback

                        // gets some extra helpful parameters

                        content: function(callback, model, recordMeta, colMeta, columnDef ) {

                            var text = null;


                                if ( columnDef && recordMeta) {

                                    // if in/over the notes column put the notes in a tooltip so more of the notes can be seen

                                    // if in/over the name column show the hire date

                                    if ( columnDef.property === "COMMENT_TEXT" ) {

                                        text = model.getValue( recordMeta.record, "COMMENT_TEXT" );

                                    } else if ( columnDef.property === "ENAME" ) {

                                        text = "Hire date: " + model.getValue( recordMeta.record, "HIREDATE" );



                            return text;




                return config;