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    Interactive Grid issue with enterable popup lov


      In reference to this issue previously posted: Interactive grid problem with enterable popup lov  .  When a selection is made from the popup lov the page view jumps to the bottom and the user has to scroll back up to the selected active row.

      I have the same issue with many of my IG's using multiple columns of enterable popup lov's. I had not noticed this issue until recently and was well into this project. Therefore I have many IG's to go back and fix with this workaround which seems to work.  I have been searching to find if this is a bug and is fixed in APEX 18.1, I am currently using APEX 5.1.4 Oracle 11.  seems to be unrelated to browsers, I've used Chrome 68.0  and Firefox 51.01.

      BTW I tested this issue in the interactive Grid Cookbook page 2 and it occurs there also when you change the MGR or DEPTNO columns to an enterable popup lov.

      Thanks for any insight on this.