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    Passing data to popup-LOV on interactive-grid


      I created a two-page master-detail form in APEX  On the second page are the page items to edit the master table row and an interactive grid to display the child table.  One of the page items is a select-list named P6_SECTION.  There are 5 values displayed in this LOV.  On the interactive grid there is a popup LOV named Inspection Type Code.  The type property is SQL Query and the script is:


      select trim(alat.LOOKUP_KEY) || '-' || trim(alat.LOOKUP_DESC) d, alat.lookup_key r

      from apextds.anc_lookup_apex_t  alat

      where alat.lookup_type = 'BIS_INSPECTION_TYPE'

      order by to_number(alat.lookup_key)


      This works okay but I would like to add a condition to the selection criteria to select rows from ANC_LOOKUP_APEX_T base on the value of P6_SECTION. I  tried adding the logic “AND TRIM(alat.attribute2) = TRIM(:P6_SECTION)” but I do not see a way to pass this value to the session state and I tried using the cascading LOV Parent Column(s) property but in either case no rows were returned. 


      How do I add a condition to the selection criteria of the popup-LOV SQL so that rows are selected based on the value of page item P6_SECTION?