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    Conditionally overlay a cell value and disable it in Tabular Form




      I am on Application Express & Oracle DB 12C Enterprise Edition.


      I have a situation.


      I have a tabular form on, lets say Table A. Only TEST_VALUE is editable in the tabular form.


      1100TEST TEXT 1
      3300TEST TEXT 3



      Now, I have another table, Table B (sort of look up table)

      100LOOK UP TEXT 1
      200LOOK UP TEXT 2



      My issue is,  I need to overlay "TEST_VALUE" field with the "LOOKUP_VALUE" content based on the FID available and then make it disabled.


      So in this case, first and second rows (SID = 1 & 2) in the tabular form will have  the column "TEST_VALUE" overwritten with the values from "LOOKUP_VALUE" column from Table B and then they are disabled.


      But the 3rd row (SID = 3) will have the column "TEST_VALUE" displaying TEST TEXT 3 and will be editable since it doesn't have its corresponding FID in the Table B.



      Is there anyway we can do it.



      Thanks in advance.