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    Cannot zfs send directories from solaris 11.4 to 11.3


      I upgrade one of my systems to  11.4


      I can no longer send ZFS file systems to machines still running 11.3


      server114# zfs send SomePool1/SomeThing@123 | ssh root@server113 zfs receive SomePool1


      cannot receive: stream has unsupported feature, feature flags = 0xa4

      warning: cannot send 'SomePool1/SomeThing@123': Broken pipe



      The zfs and zpool versions are not higher on the 11.4 machine than the 11.3 machine.


      Any thoughts?



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          Darren Moffat-Oracle

          Solaris 11.4 has resumable send stream enabled by default.  If you pass '-s nocheck' to the 11.4 'zfs send' then it will remove the feature flag and metadata for resumable send and 11.3 should be able to see it.


          From the zfs(8) man page on 11.4:


                 -s check


                     Specifies that the output stream will use a send stream  format
                     that  uses per-record checksums. This format is the system-wide
                     default. When an interrupted transfer is  resumed  by  using  a
                     receive  checkpoint  (see zfs send --C), the use of the 'check'
                     format before the outage enables the resumed transfer  to  pre-
                     serve  and  reuse the portions of the interrupted snapshot that
                     were already successfully received.


                 -s nocheck


                     Specifies that the output stream will use a legacy send  stream
                     format  without  per-record  checksums. This format is suitable
                     for transmission to older systems that do not support  the  new



          $ zfs send SomePool1/SomeThing@123 | zstreamdump -v | grep 'features ='

              features = a4


          Note that a4 is the flags that were in the send stream:


          $ zfs send -s nocheck SomePool1/SomeThing@123 | zstreamdump -v | grep 'features ='

              features = 24



          Darren J Moffat

          Senior Software Architect - Oracle Solaris Engineering