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    PeopleSoft Hyperlink takes you to NUI_FRAMEWORK.PT_LANDINGPAGE.GBL after login.


      Good day everyone,


      We currently have an issue which I am unsure of how to get rid of it.


      We've recently updated to PeopleTools 8.55.24 and FSCM 9.2 Update 28.

      After this our hyperlinks which we send to our users no longer seems to take them to the correct page.


      Note the following link:



      When the user clicks on the link, it opens the browser and the login is displayed.

      After the user logs in, the address changes and does not take the user to the page where they are supposed to go:



      However, if you provide the link the following way:



      After the login it displays the correct content, but obviously the portal navigation etc is missing.

      I've tried searching just about almost everywhere and either my searching phrase is wrong or no one has experienced this issue.


      Any help would be great!