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    Oracle JET Virtual Meetup is coming!!

    John 'JB' Brock-Oracle

      The first of what we hope will become a regular event, will be an overview of the Oracle JET roadmap with a sneak peak at some of the new features coming as part of the Oracle JET 6.0 release in October.

      Listen to what customers and Oracle Partners are saying about their use of JET for commercial applications today.  Learn about some of the sessions that will be presented at this years Oracle OpenWorld and CodeOne conferences from the speakers themselves.

      Enroll today! Details about how to attend the meetup will be provided closer to the event. 

      Guest speakers will include:

      • “Offline Support with Oracle JET” — Andrejus Baranovskis (Red Samurai Consulting)
      • “From Forms to Oracle JET” — Mark Simpson (Griffiths Waite)
      • "API-led Oracle JET Applications” — Luis Weir (Capgemini UK)
      • “Oracle JET Web Components” — Lucas Jellema (AMIS)
      • “Oracle JET Command Line Interface” — Soham Dasgupta (Capgemini Netherlands)
      • “Mobile Architecture and Oracle JET” — Simon Haslam (eProseed)


      NOTE: Oracle employees should NOT enroll for this event.  Space is limited and we would like to allow our customers and external developers the opportunity to attend first.  We will record the event and make it available for internal viewing.