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    Setting up Mobile Apps


      EBS 12.2.7





      Hi ALL,


      We have been setting up mobile apps for a long time now but still we can not able to access it

      Or we do not know how to?


      This chapter describes the following administrative tasks:

      1. Applying Prerequisite Patches on the Oracle E-Business Suite Server
      2. Configuring the Mobile Apps on the Oracle E-Business Suite Server
      3. Setting Up Mobile App Access to Responsibilities
      4. Additional Setup for Device Integration
      5. Additional App-Specific Setup
      6. Additional Setup for Deploying Mobile Apps with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Solutions
      7. Communicating Mobile App Information to Users


      Open oracle mobile approval > enter url > click get started (B)



      In our laptops we can access the system url with no error. > http://trnsrvr.oraclecloud.com:8030

      But in mobile phone, it does not know the url




      We do not have VPN but we use only data internet from ISP.

      What do we enter for paremeters below such that EBS url can be understood by our mobile?





      Please help....



      Kind regards,


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