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    Display correct data in rtf template


      Hi All,


      Please see the below XML which is used by a rtf template.

      I have added 2 comments in the XML starting with -->









              <SHIP_TO_CONTACT>                                    --> This SHIP TO comes under ORDER HEADER











                  <SHIP_TO_CONTACT>                                 --> This SHIP TO comes under ORDER LINES which again comes under ORDER HEADER















      I am designing a template where I need to display Ship To contact details, so I created a for loop in the template as <?for-each:SHIP_TO_CONTACT?> with an ending. After loading the XML when I preview it I am getting 2 rows for ship to contact as there are 2 SHIP_TO_CONTACT sections in the xml.


      My question is how can I display the records of SHIP_TO_CONTACT only from ORDER HEADERS and not from ORDER LINES?


      I am using EBS 12.1.3.