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    Sql Developer Vs. Default "Selection" formating is unusable


      I recently download the most recent version of Sql Developer and love most of the changes however I am having an issue with the default highlighting and formatting of code. Not the SQL auto-formatter but then I am typing code or making a selection of a section of code.  This happen no matter what Font choose, even Courier New, or after reset of all setting back to default.

      The formatting issue is visible in Preferences->Code editor->PL/SQL Syntax Colors and seem to be related to these options.


      This issue does not appear to be a problem in version that I was using... and can compare side by side.


      As I select code (in Syntax Colors) the formating of the sql seem to shift the letters to the left or right as the highlighted section gets dragged around.  This shifting of the letters make it hard to impossible to know where the cursor is in a line of code or even read the code correctly at time.  The offset seem to be .5 to 2 characters at any given time.  it looks almost like the font isn't a fixed width font but I specifically have that selected and does not matter what font is selected.


      I have searched the web and can only find issue that reference the sql auto-formatter not dealing with the Syntax settings.


      Has anyone else experienced this or have fix?





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