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    DB2 JDBC Drivers acting different in SQL Dev and Data Modeler


      This is a bit of a cross-post from the Data Modeler forum.


      I was trying to create a data model from a DB2 data dictionary using SQL Developer. I added the 3rd Party Driver and created a connection. I can connect, run queries, and see the object tree. When I go to import the data dictionary into a new model, I can see the different schemas/tables/views/etc in the import wizard, and I get a "XXX objects successfully imported" message. Views and some physical model stuff made it into the model, but no tables. I can drag in tables from the tree, but it runs a bit slow doing 834 tables.


      If I use the same 3rd party drivers in the stand-alone Data Modeler, I notice some connection differences:

      • SD offers me a DB2 tab in the connection configuration, and has a label that says "Platform UDB" before the Host/Port/DB settings.
      • DM offers two tabs: DB2 and UDB, neither have a line for "Platform".
        • If I use DB2, I get the same "log says successfully imported xxx tables, but no tables were imported" issues.
        • If I use the UDB tab to configure my connection, Import from Data Dictionary works.


      So I guess the round-about question is, should I not be expecting the SQL Developer and stand-alone Data Modeler connection settings to act the same? What can I check if they should be the same? My current work-arounds are either dragging tables into the model manually, or doing the bulk import in the stand-alone tool.


      I'm using the 18.2 w/ included JDKs for both tools on a Win7 Enterprise machine.