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    Oracle E-Business Suite Release Notes, Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1320300.1)


      Upgrading EBS 12.0.6  to 12.2.7


      Hi ALL,


      One of the upgrade task  mentioned in above note, is task #2 below.


      This  note is confusing because it mixes with other task applying patch 10124646.

      Then it says refer to note 1448102.2  which when you open will point back to this note


      Can you please help the process how to apply above steps please...


      Is my understanding correct?

      I will download patch (Patch 24690520)

      And apply it using > $ adpatch preinstall=y


      Or is below the correct process?


      Apply all Consolidated Upgrade Patches (CUPs) (required)

      Apply all Consolidated Upgrade Patches (CUPs) listed in the Oracle E-Business

      Suite-wide Release Notes, Release 12.2. Search for the Consolidated Upgrade Patches

      (CUPs) section and follow the instructions on how to apply them.

      cd /patch/MDM_Stage/1220_CUP

      admrgpch -s . -d .

      Copying files...

      Character-set converting files...

        12 unified drivers merged.

      Patch merge completed successfully

      Please check the log file at ./admrgpch.log.


      Apply the new merge patch in preinstall mode


      adpatch preinstall=y






      Please help....



      Kind regards,


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