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    Synchronize values of APPLPTMP with UTL_FILE_DIR


      Upgrade EBS 12.0.6  to 12.2.7


      Oracle® E-Business Suite

      Upgrade Guide

      Release 12.0 and 12.1 to 12.2

      Part No. E73540-04

      July 2018



      Hi ALL,


      In page 104, section 4-42 Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Guide, mentioned below requirement.


      5. Synchronize values of APPLPTMP with UTL_FILE_DIR for PL/SQL based

      Concurrent Requests (required)


      Concurrent processing (CP) may run PL/SQL (inside of the database) that

      creates output and log files using the utl_file package. On all CP nodes, ensure that the

      $APPLPTMP environment variable is set to the first directory listed in the UTL_FILE_DIR

      parameter from the database init.ora. If you use a RAC database, then $APPLPTMP

      should point to a directory on a shared file system visible to all the RAC nodes.

      This ensures that CP can locate the output and log files created from PL/SQL.



      I do not understand the above statement?


      I check our database utl_file_dir which shown below:


      SQL> show parameter utl_file


      NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE

      ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------

      utl_file_dir                         string      /usr/tmp, /tmp, /mnt/data/d01/





      So the first dir is  > /usr/tmp ?


      But when I echo $APPLTMP  in our apps-tier, I got below:


      $ echo $APPLTMP



      So, how can I link it to the database folder, if the disk is not shared?



      Please shed lights....



      Kind regards,