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    Apex 18.1 Interactive report column Varchar2 limit.

    Noel McCusker



      We have migrated from Apex 5.1 to Apex 18.1.


      Our interactive reports have an 'overflow' column. This column contains HTML, so we set the column type as 'plain text' and 'Escape special characters' to 'No.


      At 5.1 this worked fine.

      At 18.1, data is displayed in this column on some rows. On others it displays a null value.



      On further inspections, the ones that display have a column length less than or Equal to 4000 characters.

      The ones that are blank have a column length greater than 4000 Characters.


      Has the behaviour changed between Apex 5.1 and Apex 18.1, or is this a known bug?