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    Seconds or Milli-Seconds, TRANSPORT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT=3


      In our environment (large bank somewhere EU)  I try to update my SQL Developer from version 4 to version (17.2 or 18.2 latest).

      In version 17.2 as well as version 18.2  I get errors "Vendor code 17002", and "The network adapter could not  establish  the connection", this while using the exact same connection strings.


      Some research leads to this: Problem is the JDBC Thin Driver, which now treats TRANSPORT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT in milliseconds where it used to be in seconds, Changing the value from 3 to 3000 solves the connection errors. A search on support.oracle.com reveals this document: Doc ID 2382634.1, the correct value should be seconds. A patch for databases is available.


      OK, I understand the issue. How do I fix this?


      I can change the connect strings, however our connect strings are pretty large, (having Standby in place, scan listeners, the whole bunch. Databases Version 11.1, 12.1 and 12.2).

      Example connect string

      Changing the value will lead to two different types of connect strings, those containing "TRANSPORT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT=3", not to be used in SQL DEVELOPER V17,2 and 18.2 and one containing "TRANSPORT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT=3000", not to be used outside SQL DEVELOPER V17,2 and 18.2...


      Is this an error in SQL Developer? Then why is it version 17.2 as well as in version 18.2?


      How can we solve this issue?


      Reaction will be appreciated.