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    Using Oracle DB to get Facebook data (Leads Ads)

    Manuel Bima

      hey guys.


      i should tell you I'm relatively new at this, so sorry if i'm posting in the wrong section and also for the newbieness.


      i have a Oracle database, 12c at the moment. My company displays ads on Facebook, and i want to be able to retrieve the data that users are entering on the facebook forms (from what i know, they are Leads Ads).


      I have read some things about using UTL_HTTP for webservices requests, using Oracle ORDS, Webhooks, etc.


      Can facebook eventually SEND data back to my server, for example, when a new Lead is generated, on facebook? Or do i have to make requests all the time? is it synchronous ? Does ORDS supports it?


      What would you think would be the better approach?

      I'm a bit lost so, any help would be greatly appreciated


      Thanks in advance guys,


      Your favorite newbie,