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    Action drop down to post questions


      It's very difficult to find the action to create discussion. The action drop down seems to only be available in certain situations.

      Can you fix the Oracle Apex Forum so the action drop down is easily accessible?

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          Which "Action" menu are you talking about?

          If you're creating a discussion from your own profile and choosing the community space/place from there, it may be that some spaces don't show up in the search results as you'd expect.  There are various reasons for that, not limited to the fact that the community platform is a bit buggy in the search results sometimes.


          If you are actually in the Application Express community space itself (Oracle Application Express (APEX) ) then the Action menu there has the Create Discussion as an option under that without any issue.  And likewise in the Content view of the same space (Oracle Application Express (APEX) ) then "Start a Discussion" is clearly listed within the Actions box on the left hand side.

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            Once I navigate to my content the "action" drop down that takes you to Create Discussion disappears.


            After playing around with it I was able to get back to the main page which has the Action drop down on it by clicking the Search icon and then selecting the Oracle Apex community.


            It's just not intuitive.

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              It's just not intuitive.


              It's a standard UI concept that you select an object first, then apply the action. You don't open the trash or recycle bin, for example, and then choose the file you wish to delete. When you save an Office document, it usually goes to your documents. However, such concept does not work well considering the various communities and the large number of forum spaces. There is no "default" location for creating discussions. Questions need to be posted in the appropriate community and forum space. Therefore, it's a reasonable logic to connect to the community and open the forum space first, where you will find the "create discussion" action item


              If I recall correctly, there used to an action pull-down menu in the persistent community banner a couple of platform versions ago. It was a nightmare because once you spent all the effort writing your problem, you would have to specify the appropriate forum where to post your message - considering the complexity of forums available, that was not an easy task. As a result, people posted in wrong forums, or simply had to cancel their post.

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                Thanks.  I guess it's just the way I'm thinking of it.


                I recall the confusion over posting in the correct forum as well.