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    EPM Automate - importsnapshot is stuck?




      I'm making a 'archive' copy of an existing app on a different domain purchased from Oracle.  We did a full backup/snapshot of current domain.


      1. I successfully uploaded the snapshot file to target domain with "epmautomate uploadfile" command.
      2. I then executed the empautomate command "epmautomate importsnapshot Full_Backup_09_25_18"


      It seems to be work but it's been running for 10hrs now.  Here's what I get in command window:


      Login successful


      Retrieving status...



      How can I tell what's going on or if it just hung up etc.?  We can connect via SmartView and retrieve, so not sure if it finished or it's stuck etc.   When I goto the Jobs it has a bunch of Refresh Databases that ran during the process, but doesn't show anything that's in process.


      Just confused as to what exactly is happening here and if there's a way to tell if it's finished or not.


      Thanks in advance....