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    URGENT --Grouped shapes getting pushed down in the report by BI publisher -- how to fix the position ?


      Hello   BIP experts,   please  help me out to find  out BI Publisher command (XDO tag or whatever) to fix the position of  Shape  in  RTF.


      When I add one single shape,   is not getting pushed down from the current position when I generate PDF  from   RTF.    Under  "Layout ->Advanced->Position->Vertical" section,  the absolute position is automatically showing  -0.02"   below Paragraph.   This is  correct position in the RTF  as well as it is perfectly appearing  the PDF that I generate from BI Publisher.  


      However,  when I added another shape on the top of  first one and group them as one ,  automatically Under "Layout ->Advanced->Position->Vertical" section,  the absolute position is set to 3.84" below Paragraph.   Even though it is bumped up to 3.84",  it is not jumping in RTF.  It is still in the current location.  It is not messed up in RTF.      But when I generated PDF from BI Publisher,  the shape is  is  getting pushed down from its actual location in RTF.  If  I change the vertical position  back to  -0.02",  it is getting pushed up  in the RTF and I have hard time to work on RTF.   However,  when I generate  PDF from BI publisher,  the grouped shape is  perfectly placed  and -0.02" is perfectly working.    But in RTF it gets messed up and  I have hard time during  design time.


      In the  context menu option " Format AutoShape/Picture"   of the grouped shape,  under  "All Text"  tab,  I want to add  XDO command of BIP command  such as  <?<?xdofx ... >  or  <?shape....>,  <fo.....>  to fix the position of the  shape relative to paragraph.       I am not able  find any BIP command to fix the position of the shape in  RTF  relative to paragraph or relative to something within the RTF!! 


      I spent lot of time to deal with this issue but no success...Completely show stopper.


      Once I solve this  jumping issue of  grouped image,  next I need to insert  tables and texts and other stuff   within this grouped shape.


      I have already  locked the anchor.    Under "Layout ->Advanced->Position->Vertical" section,  the absolute position is automatically showing 3.84" below Paragraph.  


      Greatly appreciate your  help.


      Thank you