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    PO RTF Template Field Conditional Statement



      I'm working on rebuilding our PO template as an RTF template in place of our current XSL template.


      I'm nearing completion, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to handle some conditions within the XML output.


      Using the PO Output for Communication request, I gathered some example PO data sets to work with in the template tool.  What I have noticed is that some fields appear to instead of having a null value, are not presented at all in the output XML.


      For example, I'm trying to handle the fields that are on our current template for Current Buyer and Created By.  I can see from example PO's, that the Created By fields are using ARCHIVE_BUYER_FIRST_NAME, ARCHIVE_BUYER_LAST_NAME, thus the Current Buyer values are in DOCUMENT_BUYER_LAST_NAME and DOCUMENT_BUYER_FIRST_NAME.  So, what I did was built a condition that if the ARCHIVE_BUYER values are not null, then the DOCUMENT_BUYER values are displayed in Current Buyer, and if they are null, then the DOCUMENT_BUYER shows in the CREATED_BY fields.


      It appears in my testing with the BI Publisher plugin though, that the XML instead of passing a null value does not pass a value at all if it's blank, so then neither field is populated.


      How can I build a condition statement that accounts for a field that is not even passed by the XML data?