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    Can I have 850 Inbound and 850 Outbound Agreement under same Trading Partner ?




      We have a Trading partner in B2B e.g. TestTP

      It receives 850 from external Trading Partner via Linstening channel and sends to SOA as part of 850_Inbound_Agreement. This flow was always working

      Now we created a new 850_Outbound_Agreement under TestTP to send 850 from SOA to B2B to external Trading Partner. We are using same document definition for both agreements



         -- 850_Inbound_Agreement using 850Def(Document Definition)

         -- 850_Outbound_Agreement using 850Def(Document Definition)


      From the time we create 850_Outbound_Agreement, there is an issue


      Issue: When I send 850 via Listening channel, 850_Inbound_Agreement is reading the EDI but instead of invoking SOA, B2B is immediately invoking 850_Outbound_Agreement and sending the same 850 Out


      Appreciate if anybody help me understand what the issue is here