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    PBCS - Data Exchage "Card" for Planner


      Hi Everybody,


      I'm Working on PBCS and I'm trying to define some Navigation Flows. I would like that our end users could launch the data flows we developed in Data Management from the simplified interface with the "Data Exchange Card". This Card actually is visible only for administrator. If I enter in the simplified interface with a Planner profile I can't see the card "Data Exchange", even if it has been set as visible.



      Is it an expected behaviour or is there some security settings that i have to define? Or the Planner can launch Data Management Rule only by entering the Data Management tool? Administrator ca use both.


      Do you have faced the same requirement during the use of simplified interface?



      Thank you in advance  for all the information you could give me.





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          When the functionality was introduced it had the following statement:


          "Currently, Data Integration is available as a preview version only for Planning and Budgeting Cloud, Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud, and Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud Service Administrators."





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            Thank You very much John.


            At the moment we defined a data Integration with FDMEE between BSO and ASO. it seems that Planner user can launch it by entering into FDMEE workbench and executing the Load Rule we defined for this. Also we want to schedule it to run during the night because for some countries it can take long time to complete.


            So I think that in the future Oracle could extend the use of this card also to planner users.


            Thank you very much to clarify me this point.