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    Universal Theme - Dynamically set active tab


      Apex Version: 5.1.3

      Database : 11g

      User: Novice user

      Theme: Universal Theme

      Regions:  Tab Region

      Issue:  Need to set active tab depending on event



      • Page 1 has a master detail set-up.  The detail is a classic report and links toPage 2.
      • Page 2 has a master detail set-up with the detail being a tab region with two sub-regions (Tab A and Tab B).  From these two sub-regions we call either Page 3 or Page 4, depending which sub-region we are in.  (Tab A calls Page 3; Tab B calls Page 4.)   In other words:  Page 1 calls Page 2, Page 2 calls Page 3 or Page 4.  Then the reverse; when save or exit from Page 3 or 4, it returns to Page 2. When save or exit from Page 2 it returns to Page 1.
      • Page 2 tab region is set to remember active tab.



      When entering Page 2 from Page 1,  I want the active tab to always be Tab A.  When returning FROM Page 3 or Page 4 to Page 2, I want the active tab to be remembered from the calling sub-region. 


      I haven’t been able to figure out any way to make this work.


      Thanks for your help.