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    Some questions about SQLcl and SQLPlus

    Blue Bird

      I will post this into this group, because I think I can get here the most relevant answers. I'm beginner to Oracle, still exploring it and I have some questions regarding the accompanying tools, so I won't search for all this answers among all the docs:


      1. Soon or later you have to use SQLPlus or SQLcl (newer SQL Developer Command Line) and I would like to know if is worth to study SQLPlus at all or just skip it and dig into his successor SQLcl (if is at all) and learnt about it as much is possible?
      2. On Oracle download page you can download SQL Developer. Below is also link for separate download of SQLcl. Why this separate download link exist, regarding that (same) sql.exe is already contained in SQL Developer bin folder? Or is purpose of this link just for users who don't use SQL Dev but maybe some other GUI tool, like Toad?
      3. Does exist some useful functionalities only in SQLPlus and not in SQLcl anymore?
      4. What is main advantages of never SQLcl over SQLPlus?
      5. Does exist some users among us who's using just any of this tools and not SQL Dev at all and accomplish all what they need to? Here I have in mind also PL/SQL programming part and debugging?
      6. Which "must to have and know" tools you have to have in your toolbox for everyday work if you want to work professionally with Oracle database and APEX?


      Thanks in advance for all your answers and tips.


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          Well, I think the most answers you can see here: https://de.slideshare.net/barrymcgillin/oracle-sqlcl

          This is why a lot people (still not enough) are using SQLcl. Nevertheless, SQLPlus is delivered with all Oracle Editions, so you should also know, that you will not have anything available in SQLPlus when you haven't put SQLcl on the machine. I don't know anything which isn't available in SQLcl but it was in SQLPlus (but vice versa a lot).

          The download is for people which just want SQLcl and not the whole SQLDeveloper.

          It's a personal preference, what you use to develop, I still know a lot people that just use notepad++

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            1)SQLcl is included with all Database installs today - it should always be there now. And most of what you learn in SQLcl will apply to SQL*Plus, and vice versa. Tooling wise, we obviously think SQLcl has the edge in productivity and user-friendliness.

            2)Because if you only want a CLI, why download 300MB when you can only download 20MB?

            3)Maybe. We've done our best though to make sure SQLcl has everything you'd want, and more. The cool thing is that SQL*Plus is adding features now like command history and CSV formatting.

            4)So so so much. Here's a ton of blog posts you can sort through. Or just watch the movie. I also talk about why we built SQLcl in the first place.


            I'll let others speak to 5 and 6, although the ability to add javascript alongside your SQL and PL/SQL in SQLcl is a HUGE advantage over other tools including SQL Developer.


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