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    WLS RESTful management and UnactivatedChanges




      Can someone please confirm me that there is no way to access the list of the ConfigurationManagerMBean's unactivated changes (https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/1221/wls/WLMBR/mbeans/ConfigurationManagerMBean.html?skipReload=true#UnactivatedChanges) through the RESTful management API?


      I'm able to check if there are unactivated changes through "hasChanges" attribute at <WL_REST_base_address>/management/weblogic/latestedit/changeManager but I've not (yet?) discovered how can I get the list of said changes and/or if (some of) these changes do need a restart.


      Any help or suggestion would be really appreciated.


      Have a nice one




      P.S./edit: I forgot to mention that I'm working on a WebLogic server version instance.