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    18.3 pre_hook and multiple schemas / teams

    Olafur T



      I truly love the introduction of the pre_hook, and have already installed it on our test environment, can't wait to test it.


      I just want to confirm a few assumptions. (EBS team is nervous about it)


      1. Multiple schemas / teams that run through the same application server (Tomcat f.i.) must agree to use the same naming system of the pre_hook function
        1. Once activated, it runs for all defined modules and handlers in all ORDS enabled schemas using that particular tomcat instance
        2. Teams that don't want to use pre_hooks still need to create that function with a simple "return true;"
      2. Teams that use a different application server (Weblogic) can activate pre_hook and use a completely different naming system (since its a different defaults.xml)
        1. If they do not specify "procedure.rest.preHook" in their defaults.xml it's not activated.
      3. Separate ORDS installations (different path) on the same application server can do similar scenarios since different defaults.xml
        1. ords.war and ./ords/defaults.xml that doesn't specify it will not activate it for any schemas  using URI /ords/*
        2. ords.war renamed to ords_prehook and ./ords_prehook/defaults.xml with is specified will activate it for all schemas using URI /ords_prehook/*
        3. If using same DB where talking about the same schemas in both.

      Just confirming it's not something that will be activated in the ORDS schema, but rather controlled by the deployment on the application server.