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    Apex 18.1, ORDS 18.1... question about epg configuration

    Ahmed Haroon

      hi all,

      with help of this community members i have successfully have a VM on client which have

      1) Database 12c Release 2  --

      2) WLS ( Fmw Infrastructure ), Forms & Reports

      3) Apex 18.1

      4) ORDS 18.1

      5) Tomcat 9


      installed Apex without epg configuration because i am using ords but i want to know, as i saw various guides includes epg configuration and also configured ords to access / run Apex, it seems epg and ords both can configure simultaneously.


      I want to know about in what scenario epg configuration is necessary? what are the uses and consideration/recommendations while configuring it? can i configure it in current scenario when i have already configured everything or have to re-install Apex and ORDS ?


      please guide.