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    How to Install an APP from inside another APP? Like on GSIAP


      I am very familiar with the normal ways of installing an application via the App Builder or at the sqlplus prompt.


      But I have a need to create a way for applications to be installed from a custom application. My goal is to have a developer upload their application export file to an environment they don't have App Builder access to. For instance, when they are finished doing their work on the development instance and it is now ready to go to the test server. I have created an application that allows them to upload their export file and pick a patching window and appropriate server. Then I need it to execute on that test server in that patching window at the appointed time.


      I used to work in Oracle and we had an application that was for this purpose and it would take applications from GSIAD and move it to GSIBT and eventually to GSIAP. I am trying to duplicate that application for purposes in my own group now. Just not sure how to get that app to load. I have tried execute immediate on the file and it doesn't seem to load the application.


      I am on Apex version


      Any suggestions would be very helpful