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    Selection Change (IG) not firing


      Hi guys,


      Again IG and a lot of troubles to make it work...

      I have created a collection B2 and I am using that collection to create an IG, this collection only has 4 columns, for now.


      What I want to do is to update one column in the collection when the user changes one select list, column4, so that I can process the information with a process, looping trough the collection and do what I have to do.


      I was thinking on having a DA Selection Change (IG) based on that column4 so I created one DA like this:


      But I don't get any output, alert, consol.log, nothing!!?

      I have no errors in the console.

      So what I am doing wrong?


      Is there a better way to achieve my objective?


      Thanks guys and I am little bit worried,



      APEX 5.1.4