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    (APEX) How to make "Null Return Value" returns more signs?


      (APEX v.; DB 11G)




      I have problem with „select list item” on my APEX page. There is effect selector with 70+ effects. There is no way to make it less. I would like to add „ALL” option. In section „List of Values” is option „Null Return Value”. I tryied to put there effects ID and it works but I have more ID then I can put there.


      Is there any way to put more ID?


      Thank in advance for help :-)


      P.S. Images to show where the problem is. Maybe it will help :-)


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          Franck N



          no it wont work that way. The question is where are you using that Item?

          because it all depend on the purpose of it.


          if in an SQL Querry? i will suggest that you return the String "all" if the Item doesn´t have an Integer constrain. If it does then return 0 or empty for Null.


          then where ever you are using that item just add a checking there like bellow.


          if : P3_ITEM is null then

          select .........



          we could have a better answer depending on your use case.