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    Groovy - am I missing the benefits?

    Teresa Modesta




      I have a client on PBCS.


      Their solution is maturing.


      Recently I was asked by them if they needed EPBCS.



      So, unless I am massively wrong, if you are not interested in the modules then the only benefit of epbcs over pbcs is "groovy".


      I have viewed a variety of sources on this and I am genuinely struggling to find anything there that would justify the additional licensing cost.


      i.e. As an alternative to business rule scripting it does not seem to achieve anything that you could not achieve with a business rule.


      For added form functionality, nice - but not nice enough to warrant the increase in license fee.


      For loading data from external sources then scheduled EPMAUTOMATE jobs seems to do the job.



      Am I missing something major that would be a benefit that you could hang a business case on?



      Thank you for your input in anticipation!