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    There is a problem that the DB connected by the SQL workshop is not the DB being logged in.



      Multiple DBs are registered with ORDS18.1, more than one DB is running on Exadata, and a management schema of the same name exists in each DB.


      An example

      DB name: ADB Schema: TEST Password: tttttttt

      DB name: BDB Schema: TEST Password: tttttttt (same password as above)



      I created a workspace as follows.



      Workspace: ADB Connection DB: ADB.lin.local

      Workspace: BDB connection DB: BDB.lin.local



      Also, in the INTERNAL workspace, I registered the schema and user as follows.



      ■ Schema

      Workspace: ADB schema: TEST

      Workspace: BDB schema: TEST



      ■ User

      User: TEST workspace: ADB default schema: TEST

      User: TEST workspace: BDB default schema: TEST



      In this state, access to http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080/ords,

      I logged in as TEST user with workspace BDB (DB: registered in BDB) specified.



      * Although the logged-in user, workspace, and language are displayed at the bottom of the screen

      It is TEST BDB ja.



      For testing, SQL workshop - sql executed with SQL command

      Execution result with different DB (ADB) was displayed.



      An example

      Logging into the BDB workspace and executing select * from v $ instance;

      INSTANCE_NAME is ADB1 and DB ADB_x 7 instead of BDB_x 7 is running.



      Could you please teach me the cause?