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    SQLDeveloper 18.3 - new Real Time SQL Monitoring HTML exports - small bug(?) and ERs




      I hope everyone is familiar already with the great new Real Time SQL Monitoring HTML Exports!

      (Tanel Poder already wrote a Blog Post about it!)


      As with every new product, there are some initial hiccups which hopefully can be easily ironed out.

      One issue is the column "IO BYTES" in "Plan Statistics" Tab. It's always showing 8 Bite (4 in / 4 out) for every line:

      I'm sure this is wrong, and I'm also sure this can be fixed easily.


      There are 3 Enhancement Requests which came to my mind at a 1st glance:

      1. Bind Variables
        are available in the raw XML - it would be fine to see them - they often has a significant impact ;-)
      2. As Tanel identified already, it's very nice to have ESTIMATED ROWS and ACTUAL ROWS next to each other for easier cardinality mismatch identification.
        But, as Jonathan Lewis  showed in E-rows / A-rows, the EXECUTIONS column needs to be taken into account together with E-rows for cardinality observation. Maybe it's easier to move EXECUTIONS to E-rows.
      3. In the Overview - General sections some interesting details are missing in comparison to HTML report.
        It's session information like Sid, Serial, Service, Action, Module


      I still see it as a great step for those who use SQL-Developer and Real Time SQL Monitoring for performance analysis.