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    Connection Sub-folder Issue - "Deleted" connection displays as an undeletable folder

    Glen Conway

      Just a warning about a minor issue with the new sub-folder functionality:

      1. Create a connection (scott).

      2. Use Add to Folder to move it to a newly created top-level folder called LOCAL.

      3. Use Add to Folder to move it again to a newly created sub-folder called CLONE.

      4. Attempt to delete the connection (scott).


      In the Connections Navigator, "scott" remains, but displays as a folder rather than a connection.  It is neither a connection or folder.  Nothing can be added to it, but it can be moved via Add to Folder or DnD (although it cannot be moved to the "Oracle Connections" node in a single step, but only from a top-level folder).


      Here is what it looks like after step 3:


      then after step 4:


      So if you need to delete a connection, make sure you move it to the root Oracle Connections node or a top-level folder first.