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    How to install Oracle Enterprise Command Centers?


      Hi ALL,


      I got this documentation below:


      Oracle Enterprise Command Centers, Release 12.2:

      The Oracle Enterprise Command Center Framework Release 12.2 V1 Quick Install for Linux x86-64 is currently available on My Oracle Support as Patch 28574967. Released separately from Release 12.2.8, it can be applied to Release 12.2.4 and higher.

      Instructions for installing the Oracle Enterprise Command Center Framework and for enabling the available command centers are in “Installing Oracle Enterprise Command Center Framework, Release 12.2”, Doc ID 2409163.1.


      In Doc ID 2409163.1



      What is the O.S. user being used in the command center installation? is it applmgr, oracle, or root?

      It did not mention the linux login.



      Please help....



      Kind regards,


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