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    Disable warning popups at startup for unavailable shortcut to network drive on my desktop?


      On my 64bit Win 7 desktop background I have placed a shortcut to a remote network drive.

      Occasionally this remote network drive is unavailable. However the shortcut icon is existing.


      Now I start SQL Developer v18.2.0 and it seems to me that this program scans/indexes at first all my shortcuts on my desktop.

      Since this is (currently) not a valid shortcut a popup appears:


      "The drive or network connection that the shortcut 'dataMAGE".lnk' refers to is unavailable.

      Make sure that the disk is properly inserted or the network resouce is available, and try again"


      When I click the OK button the warning popup re-appears until I (re)move the shortcut from desktop.


      Why is SQL Developer checking my desktop shortcuts?

      It shouldn't care about them!

      SQL Dev works fine with my local DBs


      How do I disable this indexing/scanning (at startup)?