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    Leaderboard does not seem consistent with subspace?!

    Robert Angel




      the space; - Business Intelligence


      Has under it two sub-spaces which I am heavily involved in; -




      Planning and Budgeting


      Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)



      My points as shown on each board are; 17665 and 11530 = 29195




      The leaderboard for  Business Intelligence  does not feature me, despite the fact that the sum of the two child spaces is greater than the number ten spot on the board, am I missing something or is this not working as it should??


      Leaderboard for Business Intelligence - below




      Any takers please - I am more curious how this does not work as the points seem to collate in real time?

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          Gopi Mannava

          All experts in one place !!!!

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            What I would suggest is to take some user shown in the leaderboard and compare it with the points of the leaderboard in the sub spaces. Maybe you can determine which sub space isn't acounted for. Or maybe the BI leaderboard is the leaderboard of some other space, which wouldn't be the first time.


            I wish Oracle would do a better job maintaining individual leaderboards. Several leaderboards are wrong and won't get fixed. Individual leaderboards have also lost much if not all of their visibility in recent platform upgrades as most people work exclusively with the Inbox - who seriously browses the last pages of forum spaces?! Considering current trends towards elimination than fixing, what can we expect to be next?

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